10 Best Blogging Niches To Look Out for In The Future

Some people blog because they have a lot to say while others blog because they just want to blog. When an idea about running a blog pops up in your head, the first thing you need to decide is the niche of the blog.

What is a Niche?

Niche in basic terms is the subject in which you hold utmost expertise. This is something your blog is going to talk about. While choosing a niche, you need to ask yourself three questions –

  • Is the Niche wide enough?
  • Am I interested in this niche?
  • Are people interested in reading about this niche?  

Many blogs die because people choose the niche they are not passionate about. You cannot just start a blog because you know how to build a website, you need to have willingness to make the content to run a successful blog.

Niches To Look Out For

Here, we are uncovering 10 blog niches that are going to make their cut in future.


Internet is flourishing with travel bloggers. It is the most followed niche on Instagram and Facebook. Travel Bloggers are forming itineraries, dos and don’ts while traveling, listing up their favorite eateries, talking about exotic beaches and what not.

Travel Blogging has helped people explore the places that were not known widely. Many bloggers try to go beyond limits and find amazing content that puts their audience in awe.

Travel Blogging, many a times is tied with Lifestyle Blogging, since the followers of the blog do not just want to travel like their favorite bloggers but also live like them.

It is as much a competitive niche as it is glamorous. With a lot of travel blogs coming up lately, it has become hard to rank on SEO and to keep people engaged.

Refer to these blogs for best content on travel:


Fashion is a never dying niche. It has made its way from magazines to blogs. Everybody wants to keep up with the trend – Which Dresses are In, What are Different Types of Foot Gears, What Color of Bag Sells Most to Which Brand’s Watch to Buy. It has endless content and changes dynamically with growing fashion industry.

Fashion Blogging gave an impetus to people who are not models or who can never match the conventional standards of models.  Now, even short, dark and people with frizzy hair can wear a hot-shot garment, click an aesthetic picture and get 100s of likes.

Listing some of the famous fashion blogs:

Health and Wellness

Health is a new emerging niche. It involves Tips from Professional Doctors, Yoga, Fitness and Home Remedies. The content is mostly reliable as Google rank only authentic blogs in this niche.

The uprising of Health Blogging has made a lot of people realize the importance of maintaining a good health.

If you are not a professional in health industry, it’s better to keep your hands away from this niche.

Some of the Health related blogs are:


Though you would say, why entertainment is gaining fame as we know about new movies and television shows and they already have a big market.

But the past decade has saw a completely different side of entertainment – T.V Series and Movies on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Bloggers took to the internet to promote these two platforms and have concisely reviewed them. No doubt OTT snatched half the television fans.

Entertainment blog also includes articles on celebrities’ life, latest gossips, upcoming books and so on. You can call it as a digital version of magazine.

Some of the Entertainment blogs that came up are:


Technology is the highest running niche today. People are crazily surfing for new technology and its tutorial. From digital products like hosting to physical products like phone, everything is being reviewed.

Even if there is a small problem like – “How to Set Up Java?” or “What is the feature of new iPhone?”, people take to Google.

If people see any link on social media related to technology, they click it irrespective of their needs and knowledge.

Some of the best technology blogs are:


Parenting blogs, especially Mommy blogs are becoming talk of the town these days. Through these blogs people are telling their audiences about their experience of pregnancy, raising children, psychology of children, how much freedom should be given to adolescents, different issues in family and how they affect children.

If you think no one will read this piece, then you are wrong. Parenting is a tough experience of one’s life and everybody wants to be right while doing it. People surf for different methods to raise their children right as much as they surf “Where to go this summer?”.

Some parenting blogs to follow for inspiration:


This is one crazy niche that has been on the rise and is directly linked to sale of a product.

Oenophiles are reviewing and comparing different wines, telling about process of wine making to the finest wine in the neighborhood, history of contemporary wines are displayed by many and a beautiful dish made using wine is taught by others.

Entrepreneurs like Garry Vaynerchuk started his career by blogging about wines.

If you have ample amount of knowledge about wines, don’t just pour it in a glass and drink, sprinkle some knowledge on others too by putting your knowledge on web.

Follow these amazing wine blogs:


The world is surfing net cor methods to save money and to make money. Anything related to money never fails.

Finance blogs are literally guiding audiences of the ways to earn some more while  continuing a job, they are teaching audiences about stock market, where to invest, how to take loans, how to manage personal expenses, current government schemes related to finance and lot more.

Some of the most informative blogs to follow are:


I wouldn’t categorize it as a niche but many entrepreneurs run their blog where they post their stories and philosophy. To be honest, entrepreneurs are the busiest souls, their minds never rest, which makes it almost impossible to reach up to these people for mentoring. But they maintain blogs, which are in a way their voices talking to the world. From their stories of success to failure, their favorite books to their time management strategies, everything can be found on their blogs.

These blogs are uncensored and 100% authentic. Such blogs intrinsically motivate you with revealing a full proof plan of how to achieve your goals.

Some blogs to follow are :

Product Review Blogs

With 1000s of products to choose from, we often get confused what will be the best buy or what is a good investment. At that time, we tend up looking for people who can give us 100% true review.

Far gone has the times, when you dial up your cousin to know, which keyboard is best for gaming or which skincare product did wonder on her skin. This is the time to open up internet and follow up with people who are experts in this domain.

People have been blogging about digital products, physical products, hardware, skincare, footwear and what not. These blogs earn mostly by adopting to an affiliate program.

And if you become too good with it, not only search engines, you can even rule instagram with this niche.

Some product review blogs to follow are:


Your niche depends on your passion. Best blogs have content that came out of their research and experience. There is no way that you can see others content, para-phrase and make content. Your blog is alive as long as it is original.

Introspect your interest and start your blog today. Buy a domain and write your first blog.

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