9 Websites Dedicated To Android That Bloggers Can Use For Reference

Android is an operating system developed and maintained by the tech giant Google and has a repository of around 2.7 million applications on Google Play.

The different genres of apps available on Google Play are as follows:

There are many different websites/blogs which are wholeheartedly dedicated to Android OS & which bloggers as a reference for their blogs .

We are going to have a look at a list of such websites/blogs.

Android Authority

Android Authority is a website dedicated to android, the world’s most widely used operating system.

Every month, they have an impact on 50 million android enthusiast.

Their team is a diverse coalition of expert writers, device reviewers, journalists and android developers who have come together under a united passion i.e. love of mobile technology and the determination to deliver quality content.

Android Developers

The Android Developers blog is the official blog for android and is the first place to check for android announcements and updates.

The main feature of the blog is the android developer’s stories.

Android Hive

Android Hive is one of the best website/blog for android tutorials, games, hacks, tips and tricks.

It has up to date tutorial topics along with the full source code.

This author of this website is Ravi Tamada.

Android Arsenal

Android Arsenal website/blog is a categorized directory of libraries and tools for Android.

Android Weekly

Android Weekly is a free weekly newsletter which includes everything from Tutorials to Videos and from Articles to GitHub libraries.

If you are an android developers & bloggers, this is one of the best websites to follow.

Nimble Droid

Nimble Droid is one of the best website/blog for android developers who want to test their apps.

This website can help to analyze the app’s performance, catch app crashes, detect memory leaks, pinpoint slowdown root causes with method call stacks, track method count and measure network, memory, and disk usage.

Droid Crunch

Droid Crunch is an android news and tips blog committed to giving trustworthy reviews over helpful and new applications as well smartphones and gadgets.

Vashishtha Kapoor is the founder and Lokesh Kapoor is co-founder Droid Crunch.

Android Mad

This website is an advanced android development guide for beginner and professional android developers.

Android Forums

As the name suggests “Android Forum” is a forum based on Android.

People who have questions about android post their queries on this forum and in turn get answers to their queries from the people who maintain and run this forum along with other guests.

If you would like to add any websites, blogs or forums dedicated to android please do mention those in the comments section.

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