Beaver Builder Plugin Features, Plans & Pricing : An Overview

What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is a page builder plugin with a user base of 1 million users worldwide. It has been called one of the greatest alternatives of Elementor Pro. Undoubtedly, it has an advantageous edge when compared to Elementor Pro.

Beaver Builder is incredible easy to use and works very fast. The support team is always available and is quick in solving problems.

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Beaver Builder Features

  • Basic Modules: You get all basic modules to build a basic blog post like heading, separator, buttons etc.  in Beaver Builder. However, if you want to design a more complex page, the best idea is to buy a Premium Version.
  • Advanced Modules: Apart from the basic modules, the Premium version provides a great range of advanced modules like maps, icons, slider, call to action button, social media buttons and so on. These would add great functionality to your website.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Premium version also has a good collection of re-built templates. Using pre-built templates, even non-developers can easily make a webpage. These templates can be either landing pages or content pages.
  • Saving Elements/widgets: It also allows you save individual rows, columns and modules. The saved elements can be reused again in some other pages.
  • Import/Export: The Premium version gives you the facility of importing templates to other pages and websites.
  • Mobile Responsive Pages: All pages made using Beaver Builder are mobile responsive i.e. they adjust the components to various screen sizes.

Refund Policy and License Renewal

If you buy a premium version and do not like the working of the product, you can request for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

The License of Premium version expires after a year. The license can be renewed with a 40% discount.

Pricing and Plans

  1. Standard

The standard version can be used on unlimited sites. This is an advantage of Beaver Builder over Elementor. Elementors’ $99 plan allows you to use Elementor Pro on only 3 sites. Additionally, it provides a Premium Modules and Templates and World Class Support for One Year.

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2. Pro

A pro version of Beaver Builder could be used on unlimited sites. The features and services provided in standard version is available on Pro version too. An additional feature is Beaver Builder Theme.

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3. Agency

Agency version of Beaver Builder covers all the features and services of Pro version. It also provides White Labeling and Multi-Site Network Settings.

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