Divi Theme and Page Builder Features, Plans & Pricing : An Overview

Divi is the most popular theme by Elegant Themes. The theme works well with WordPress Website and has hundreds of templates to reduce your designing labor

Divi has undoubtedly improved over the years and has a competitive position amongst other popular themes.

However, many a times, we come across something called Divi Builder. So, what is this Divi Builder?

Divi Builder is nothing but a WordPress plugin that lets you add Divi Theme on WordPress website.

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Features of Divi

Divi is one-stop solution to all your design problems. It’s extensive features allows you to make a professional site.

The features of Divi are:

  1. Template Library – Whether you apply Divi theme as a whole for your website or not but you can use its pre-built template to design a page. Divi is believed to have the largest number of page templates available in any theme or page-builder.
  2. Drag & Drop Builder – Divi Builder is used if you want to design your page from scratch, just like you do in Elementor. Divi Builder is also a drag-and-drop editor. Hence, it’s easy to design a page where you can see what you are designing.
  3. Global Module – Using Global Module, you can create reusable custom elements. Whatever you create, you can save it in the global module and reuse it on any page you like.
  4. Creative Control – You have full control over the designs that you create.
  5. Portability – It is highly portable. What this means for you is, you can transfer your layouts and other elements, on multiple sites.
  6. Theme Builder – Like any other Page Builder, even Divi provides a feature to design your own themes. With the Theme Builder, you can customize the header and footer, make a vibrant home page and give your own color scheme.
  7. Split-Testing Tool – This is a pretty uncommon feature for WordPress Plugins and Themes. However, Divi provides Split-Testing tool to help you achieve your business goals too. It helps you generate leads and gives a good conversion rate.
  8. Support – Customer support is provided through messenger services.

Pricing & Plans

Divi Builder comes in two plans:

  1. Yearly Access ($89/year) – With this plan, you get access to Divi, Extra, Bloom and Monarch, hundreds of Website Packs and regular Product Updates, Premium Support. It can be used on unlimited websites.
  2. Lifetime Access ($249) – This plan gets you all the benefits provided under Yearly Access. You need to purchase this plan only once and you can use it for lifetime.

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