DoFollow And NoFollow Links In SEO

DoFollow links and NoFollow links play an important part in the SEO of a website. In today’s article we are going to check out, what exactly DoFollow and NoFollow links are and why they are used and also what PageRank Sculpting is. We will also check out a wordpress plugin Ultimate Nofollow, which is used used for using NoFollow.

What are Dofollow Links?

Dofollow links are those links in a website, that are being crawled and followed by search engine crawlers. By default, virtually all the links are Dofollow.

Dofollow links are commonly known as Link Juice by the SEO community. It is one of the most important factors that allows search engines to determine, how high the website should rank.

Dofollow Website/Blogs/Forum use the default Dofollow property, that helps you to boost your back-links. If you are active in a Website/Blogs/Forum which allows the Dofollow property, you will also get traffic for your own website.

Below is a list of Dofollow Websites/Blogs/Forums, which have a high ranking authority. You will get backlinks as well as traffic from these.

What are Nofollow Links?

Nofollow links are exactly opposite of Dofollow links where you can request the search engines to not crawl and follow the links. For implementing this, a HTML code can be added to a link, to let the search engines know, that the link should not be crawled or followed.

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”“>ConvyArena</a>
  1. HTML is the formatting language.
  2. The <a> element is an element within HTML that holds the properties of a link.
  3. The rel=”Nofollow” is a value of the rel attribute. It asks search engines not follow a link.
  4. href attribute specifies the URL of the page the link goes to.

Ultimate Nofollow Plugin

The WordPress Plugin is like a gift to bloggers, it allows you to quickly add a Nofollow tag. Its also helps you to add Nofollow link attributes to all links in the comments. After activation, it will automatically add a Nofollow option box in WordPress.

Ultimate NoFollow WordPress Plugin

What is PageRank Sculpting?

There was a certain controversies, associated with Nofollow. Google has an algorithm that decides the quality of any websites. To put it in simpler terms, search engines decide the ranking of a particular website, depending on the quality of inbound links to that website. Nofollow value was being used to interfere with Google’s ability to see the quality of different pages within the website. This is known as ‘PageRank sculpting’. Google has now updated its algorithm to deal with these attempts.

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