How A Follow Up Article Is Great For Guest Posting

A follow-up article as we know, is a pointer article which points to any previous article with reference to it.

It is a great way to pump up the traffic from the guest post to the original blog post on your blog.

Today we’re here with another interesting article that will guide you in your blogging career. This article is especially for the bloggers who do guest posting.

So, we’ll talk about the miraculous effects of writing a follow-up article for guest posting.

First lets see what guest posting is & what a follow-up article is

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting basically means that I’m going to someone else’s website or blog as a guest author.

I’m writing some content for them. In simpler terms, I’m not posting on my own blog, I’m posting on someone else’s blog.

What Is A Follow Up Article?

A follow-up article as we know, is a pointer article which points to any previous article with reference to it.

It’s a great way to pump up the traffic from the guest blog post to the original blog page owned by the guest blogger.

How A Follow-Up Article Is Great For Guest Posting?

Follow Up Article

A follow-up article for guest posting can become a great pathway for you to rise your own blog page without doing that much hard work.

Now we’ll discuss the facts that will let you know, how miraculously a follow-up article for a guest blog can turn milestones for your own blog page.

Brings Way More Traffic To Your Blog

Building Traffic

We know that content marketing is really important!

It’s a way to get yourself out there, promote yourself & your brand.

But when you’re just starting out, you don’t have much of an audience.

So you post a blog post on your own website and it gets lost amongst the millions of blog posts out there.

The solution to this is that you can do a guest post for someone else’s blog & in-turn your will get more traffic & recognition for your own blog, from the audience which is already there for the other person’s blog.

Gets You Exposure Really Quick

There are blogs out there that have been around for years, right?

These blogs have a lot of traffic coming to them & they already have people subscribed to their blog.

Many people visit their blogs through organic search & read their articles every single day.

If you can make a place for yourself on one of those blogs by leaving your blog link and a follow-up blog post there, then all those people will find out about you.

This is how you will get a massive exposure to a new audience, “an audience that you don’t already have”

How amazingly quick it is to get a massive number of traffic on your blog from a quite popular blog just by writing a follow-up article!

For Building Your Own Brand

Brand Name

The second benefit is the Brand-Building aspect of it.

Most blogs which have been around for 10 plus years have created a brand name for themselves.

You put yourself out there to make your brand larger.

If tomorrow you have recognition from say Forbes List Of Entrepreneurs there will be hundreds of thousands of people noticing you.

They will be seeing your picture & your bio.

Even if they don’t come over to your site, they are now acquainted with your brand.

The next time they see you, it’s going to trigger their memory again.

So, if your blog will be followed up by a high traffic blog then it’ll also help you in building your own brand and reach to more number of people.

SEO Benefit


There is also a big benefit when it comes to SEO from the traffic you get from other blogs.

When people visit your blog from a guest post you have published on other blog, some of these people will click on the links to your other posts as well.

So through the follow-up article your blog will be getting a constant traffic source & this will in-turn give you a big SEO benefit.

If you write a follow-up guest post for a reputable blog, a lot of traffic comes your way. Not only that, you also get a backlink from that blog which will do wonders in terms of SEO.

Helps In Building Relationships

Relationship Building

This is actually one of the most important benefits that you will get.

A lot of people forget about this aspect of guest blogging but you’re building relationships with other blog owners & influencers.

These are people who have been around in the business for a while.

They’ve built up their own personal brands, they’ve built a following, a lot of influence and now that you’re building a relationship with them & they will be willing to help you out in your business as well, so that’s actually invaluable.

When you start building relationships with the influences, there’s a whole new world of influence that opens up to you which can help you to acquire new partnerships & help you with joint ventures.


I presume now you have a clear idea about how a follow-up article works for guest posting & how miraculous it can be.

You just need to find the such influential blogs, that will allow you to submit guest post to their blog.

That is not a tough job at all.

Go create a list right now, find the blogs that you want to be guest posting for.

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