How to become good at programming

Today I am going to share some important tips, which would help you in polishing your programming skills.

How to become good at programming?

The simple answer to that question is practice, practice and more practice. No matter how smart you are, there is no substitute for hard work.

However there are a few things you can do to improve your learning skills. I will not use any jargon or technical terms while writing this blog but will try to keep it basic and simple.

  • Start Slow The biggest mistake people make is that they think everything is super easy to learn and they can master any programming language in no time, but that is not the case. Everyone has different learning and grasping abilities. You have to know yours and act accordingly. Many people have this questions “If my friend can do it in a month, why can’t I?” The answer is simple, you are not your friend. You must take your own time.
  • Start With An Easy Language – There are many languages to learn, namely C Programming, C++, JAVA, Python, PHP, C# etc. Start from the easiest language. If you get your basics right then learning difficult languages afterwards would also prove to be easy. If you ask my opinion, I would suggest you start with C Programming. Also there is no harm is learning HTML and CSS simultaneously.
  • Choose The Right Material – There are literally thousands of books to learn from, but only a few are really good. You have to identify the good stuff. Don’t be shy. Ask other people who have been good at programming. They must also have learned it from somewhere. If you are starting with C Programming then the book I would suggest for you is “Let Us C” by Yashavant Kanetkar. You can buy it in any book store or you can also purchase it online on Amazon. To learn HTML and CSS please refer to my blog The Most Useful Website For Learning Programming. You will find the mention of a website in my blog which is filled with good content to learn from and to practice as well. You can also choose to join a tuition or take classes from someone, if you feel the need for it.
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  • Practice daily – People usually start learning with a lot of enthusiasm and once they start grasping things they slow down thinking that now they know everything. This is a big mistake. You need to practice on a daily basis, an hour a day at the least. As I said in my opening remarks “practice, practice and more practice”. It will keep your brain sharp and active. If you are unable to concentrate for a longer period of time then take breaks in between. It will help you get your concentration back.
  • Test Yourself – The best way to find out what you have learned is to test yourselves. Start solving the coding problems given in the books or online. Start developing desktop applications / web applications for fun. Participate in hackathons. By doing these kind of things, you will find out what you know and you will also gain a lot of confidence from it. It can also help you while preparing for an interview in the future. To practice coding and to prepare for interviews please visit HackerRank.

I won’t say its easy to learn programming but its not difficult either. The only thing that is important is how you go about it. Anyone who goes about it in a right way can become good at programming.

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