How to Boost Site Speed By Hosting gtag.js Locally?

“Speed is the killer”, you might have heard this a thousand times. But when it comes to the world of Internet, speed is the savior.

While making a website, one of the things that is overlooked most is the speed of the site. Most people fail to understand the importance of speed, with which your site loads.

A site with great design can only convert your audience into your customers, if they have patience to wait for your site to load. With Gen Z, you bet that they won’t wait more than 3 seconds.

With the world over the internet 24/7, people have a lot of options to look for. They don’t care what is on your site because they know, they can easily go to another site to buy the same product.

If you Google, you can find a lot many ways to boost the speed of your site such as using caching, using a CDN, design optimization, code optimization and so on.

In this article, we will see how we can easily boost the speed of site by loading scripts faster.

Why Your Site Should Load Faster?

There is a great correlation between the site’s speed and user conversion. A lot many case studies have been done to prove this.

Shopzilla reduced its page load time from 6 to 1.2 seconds & as a result, their page traffic increased by 25% and revenue by 12%.

More loading time impacts your SEO terribly. Almost 40% – 70% of the users leave a site if they have to wait more than 3 seconds.

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Once you know the speed at which your website is loading, you will realize if you are losing out on customers or not.

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Improve Your Site Speed by Faster Script Loading

To make the script load faster, we recommend using MonsterInsights plugin. MonsterInsights is the best known Google Analytics plugin, which when activated on your WordPress site, gives you all the analytical information on your site’s dashboard.

It provides you with important stats such as how users are reaching your site, how they are using your site, how they interact with your content and so in. The plugin gives you the stats that matters so your audience keeps coming back to you.

MonsterInsights has recently updated their plugin, which makes the site load fast for optimal Core Web Vitals scores.

In the new update, they have also updated their Performance Addon, which now allows you to host your gtag,js script locally on your own server. This will ensure that the number of external resources your website has to load reduces, which in turn reduces the site load time.

Hosting your script locally, gives you full control over caching of the file. Hence, the load time will be shorter.

In addition, Performance addon will fetch the latest gtag.js file from Google every 24hrs to make sure it’s up to date.

How to Host gtag.js locally

Step 1 : Get MonsterInsights plugin.

Step 2 : Upload & install the plugin by going to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

Browse to the MonsterInsights plugin saved on your computer & Select it. Then Click on Install button & then the Activate button.

Step 3 : Once Activated, go to MonsterInsights dashboard and connect the plugin to your site.

Step 4 : Download Performance Addon Plugin and integrate with MonsterInsights.

Step 5: Go to Performance Addon dashboard. Click the toggle to enable Add Gtag.js File Locally.

You can also install it directly from the “WordPress Plugin Directory” by going to Plugins -> Add New.

Performance Addon Plugin

Sometimes it may happen, when your site receives huge amount of traffic, you might reach the Google Analytics processing limit.

Using Performance Addon plugin, you can keep a check on this limit by adjusting the sample rate and site speed.

Hence, you can specify the percentage of users that needs to be tracked so you don’t cross the processing limit.


MonsterInsights has made the complex task of analytics very easy for its users.

With the new update, it has also provided an easier way out to serve the gtag.js file locally.

This is a big relief to non-techies as they can now boost the speed of their site quickly by loading the script faster.

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