How Can You Earn Money Online

The opportunities of earning online are virtually unlimited. There are many different ways to earn money online but the most favored ways are as follows,

Online Surveys

Online survey is one of the most favorite ways for people who want to earn some money online. There are many websites from where you can earn but you have to be careful while choosing as there are quite a few fake websites as well. Before applying on any website do a bit of a research, check out other people’s reviews and opinions.

How it works?

  • Choose a legitimate website
  • Register
  • Take surveys
  • Get paid.

I am going to mention a few websites where you can earn some money by filling in surveys.

  1. Panel Station
  2. Toluna India
  3. True Opinion
  4. Viewfruit
  5. Triaba
  6. ClickSense
  7. PrizeRebel
  8. Cinchbucks
  9. Indiaspeaks

Data Typing

In this type of a job, you are provided with image files and software to work with. You have to install the software on your computer and type the data from the image files into the software. The data gets saved in a database. You have to then submit the database file. Your work will get checked for mistakes and after the checking is completed from their side you will receive the payment accordingly. As always there are genuine people and fake people involved in this too, so please do your research. I have done this kind of work and have earned through it as well. There are also form filling jobs, where you have to fill the form and you get paid per form. If you want to know more about it, please do drop in a message by filling the Contact Us form.


CAPTCHA Entry Job is one of the best online work that gives people an easy income opportunity working from home. Here, you can work from your computer or even mobile phone. If you work 3 to 4 hours daily then you can earn somewhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs.10,000 per month depending on how fast you work. Look out for a genuine website.

I am going to mention a few websites where you can take up CAPTCHA Entry Jobs

  1. MegaTypers
  2. CaptchaTypers
  3. ProTypers
  4. 2Captcha
  5. The Smart Crowd
  6. Kolotibablo
  7. QlinkGroup
  8. Captcha2Cash


Essentially, freelancers are people who works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed.

Now-a-days many people choose to become a freelancer and be their own boss, rather than work for someone else. And for these people internet has been a lifeline. There are many websites available on the internet today where one can take up freelancing work. A few websites are as follows,

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. Fiverr
  4. InstaTaskers
  5. Guru
  6. Broxer
  7. Freelance India
  8. Truelancer
  9. Toptal


Blogging is nothing but writing something on a topic that you like and have knowledge about. The writing however is done on a website/blog which is active on the world wide web i.e. the internet. My favorite topic is technology, so I have created a blog named Convey Arena to write about computers, internet and technology. You can choose any topic you like. It may be movies, politics, food etc.

These days people take to blogging not just to write about their favorite topic but to make money as well. It may be by promoting a product, selling something online, earning money through Google Adsense or other affiliate programs, there are many more ways to earn by blogging. All you need for blogging is knowledge, skill and patience.

Below is a list of some famous bloggers. These bloggers are an inspiration to many.

  1. Amit Agarwal (
  2. Harsh Agarwal (
  3. Shradha Sharma (
  4. Arun Prabhudesai (
  5. Pritam Nagrale (
  6. Srinivas Tamada (
  7. Ashish Sinha (
  8. S Pradeep Kumar (
  9. Amit Bhawani (

Here is a good article which you might find useful, “11 Effective ways to make Money Online/Offline“.

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If you would like to add something, please do mention it in the comments section.

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