How To Find Out Which Theme A Website Is Using

Whenever you see a website which has a good theme, you might have wondered which theme is it!

Well, its not difficult to find out.

There are two methods to find out everything about the theme, a particular wordpress website might be using. We will discuss both the methods in detail.

Method 1 : By Using Another Website

There are a few websites that can help in finding about the theme of a particular wordpress website.



IsItWP is one of the most popular websites, which can give you the exact information about the theme, a particular website is using. IsItWP can also give you information about the plugins that website is using. My website is Convey Arena and I am using a theme named Colorskin by Dimitrakopoulos.

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WPThemeDetector is also one of the best websites to detect not only the theme of a particular website, but the plugins and tags as well. The screenshots are attached above. It gives you a detailed information about the website, which in my case is Convey Arena. My website is using a theme named Colorskin by Dimitrakopoulos.

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Method 2 : Manual Detection

Sometimes, the owner of the WordPress website changes the name of the theme that the website is using and it makes the websites like IsItWP and WPThemeDetector difficult to correctly detect the theme. In such a scenario, one can detect the theme manually as well.

Each and every WordPress theme has a Style.css file. This file contains all the information about the theme that website is using such as, the name of the theme, the author of the theme, version of the theme etc. To find out this file, right click on the website page and the click the “View Page Source” option from the menu.

A page of that website, with the source code will open in HTML format. That page will have all the information you need, about the Style.css file and the theme as well.

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