Installing WordPress On Windows 10 Using Wamp

WordPress is an open framework for developing amazing and interactive websites. Anyone with or without the knowledge of programming namely PHP in this particular case can develop a professional looking website, however it will definitely be an added advantage if you know a bit of PHP programming so that you can make direct changes to the code and customize your website to make it exactly as per your specifications. Today we are going to see how to install wordpress on your computer (localhost). In this tutorial we will be using Windows 10 32-bit as the operating system. There is a prerequisite before you start with wordpress installation. You need to have a WampServer installed on your computer. For downloading and installing WampServer on your computer please visit their website.

Installing WampServer on you computer (localhost)

  • Go to the WampServer website and click the DOWNLOAD tab. After you click on the tab, the page will scroll down.
WampServer Homepage
  • Check whether your windows operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit and accordingly download the Set Up for WampServer and save it on your computer.

After downloading the Set Up for your version of windows operating system, install WampServer on your computer with the default settings and a folder named wamp will be created in the C:\ drive of your computer.

You can read the full tutorial on how to install WampServer on you computer (localhost) at How To Install WampServer On Windows 10.

Installing WordPress on your computer

  • Go to the WordPress website and click on the Get WordPress button or to go to the download page directly click the LINK.
Wordpress Homepage
  • After you are on the download page you will find the Download WordPress button highlighted in red. Click on that button to download the latest version of WordPress.
Wordpress Download Page
  • You will get a prompt which will ask you start the download as shown in the below screen. Just click on the OK button and WordPress will be downloaded to your computer at the default location, you have set for downloads on your computer. My default location is desktop and I would suggest that you set your default download location to desktop in your browser so that you can find the downloads easily.
  • Below screen showing downloaded WordPress file saved on the desktop
Wordpress Setup On Desktop
  • Double click on the Wampserver icon to start it. When the Wampserver starts fully you will notice a green icon on the task bar of you computer.
Wamp Server Started
  • Extract the WordPress folder to the C:\wamp\www i.e. the root directory for WampServer.
Extracting File To www
  • Rename the WordPress folder to whatever name you prefer. I have renamed my folder to “conveyarena”.
Renaming Folder To Convey Arena
  • Now go to the browser (preferably Firefox) and type localhost/phpmyadmin in the address bar and hit enter to open the database server page. Fill in the username as root and leave the password field blank. Click on Go. After going to the next page you will find the below screen. Create a database with a name you want.
Creating Database
  • For tutorial purposes, I have created a database named conveyarena
Database ConveyArena Created
  • After creating the database type localhost/conveyarena in the address bar of your browser and hit enter. The below page will be displayed. Click on the Continue button
Setting Up Conveyarena 1
  • Click on the Let’s Go button
Setting up conveyarena 2
  • Fill in the detail on the below screen. You can change the database name to the name you have given to your database, while creating it. I have simply put it as conveyarena, since I created a database named conveyarena. Username is root by default and the leave the Password field blank. Also leave the next two fields i.e. Database Host and Table Prefix as it is. Click the Submit button
Setting up conveyarena 3
  • Click on Run the installation.
Setting up conveyarena 4
  • On the screen below fill in your website details like Site Title, Username, Password, Email Id and Click Install WordPress button and DO NOT select the check box for Discourage the search engines from indexing the site. Remember you are now filling in details for your website log in and not database server.
Setting up conveyarena 5
  • WordPress would be successfully installed. Click on the Log In button on the below page to Log In to your website.
Setting up conveyarena 6
  • Fill the Username and Password and Log In
Setting up conveyarena 7
  • After logging into your website you will be redirected to the Dashboard, where you can make changes to your website like adding Menu Items, installing Plug-Ins, changing Themes etc. The Dashboard is the admin part of your website, also know as the back end.
Back End Of WordPress
  • The front end of you website will look something like below screen. The theme visible is the default theme provided by WordPress. You can change it later.
Front End Of WordPress
  • Now, if you want, you can make changes to the website as per your specifications.

All set and done…!!!

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