How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

Many websites and blogs are being developed in WordPress nowadays and this market is growing rapidly.

WordPress is one of the best platforms out there for building a fast and responsive website.

When anyone visits your website, all the pages should open quickly and the website should load without any problem even though the internet speed is not that great.

To achieve this, we can make our WordPress website more responsive.

Choose Web Hosting Optimized For WordPress

While hosting a WordPress website, one should remember to choose a web hosting company which is known for its optimized performance.

Many of your friends would suggest you a local company but it may not be necessarily good.

There are a few companies which are really good for hosting purposes, which also offer many add on options, such as SiteGround and Bluehost.

Upgrade To The Latest Version Of PHP

As you might know that a WordPress website is primarily developed PHP language.

If you make a new installation of a WordPress website, it will automatically have the latest version of PHP.

But, if you already have a website then please do check the version of PHP and if its not the latest version then please upgrade it to the latest version( 7.4.3).

This will help you increase the speed of your website tremendously.

Select A Fast Loading WordPress Theme

One of the most important parts of any website is, how it looks to the audience, and for that you have to select an attractive theme.

But at the same time the theme should also load up quickly, so choose an appropriate theme.

If you are using old themes, it may give you problems to load fast since its already outdated, so choose the newest possible theme.

I am using a theme named Page builder Framework which is one of the most fast and responsive themes in the market.

Optimize Your Images For Fast Loading

Every website has many images on them and it takes some time to load those images from the server.

To reduce the amount of time taken for loading, optimize the images so that they load faster.

But at the same time do take care of the quality of those images, i.e. resolution. An average website transfers around 900 kilobytes of images per URL.

Using the right image format can also significantly reduces the size of the image.

At times, just changing the file format from .png to .jpg has given upto80% reduction in size.

Pick Your Server Location Wisely

When you are about to host your website, you will be given an option by your hosting company to select the location of your server.

Choose the location which is closer to your audience.

For example, if your audience is primarily from the US then choose a server which is located in the US rather than somewhere else, so that the response time is much better and the website loads faster.

Use CDN Network

In most of the cases, you will be hosting your Website on a particular Geo-location.

For example, If you have purchased hosting from Bluehost, your website is most likely to be located in the United States.

Now, when a user from an Asian country or even Australia will browse your site, it would take significant time to load your site.

Reason being, the distance between the user and your server.

A CDN helps to solve this problem, and your website will load quickly in every part of the world.

Avoid Too Much Advertisements

Don’t display too many advertisements on your blog.

Many PPC advertisements are full of unnecessary HTML content and can affect your website’s loading time by a great margin.

If advertisements are a must, you should use Google AdSense or as it is well optimized and gives the best CPC.

Avoid Too Many Plugins

Plugins make a WordPress website more interactive, but use of too many Plugins can hamper the performance of a website.

Also keep your database clean from time to time so that there is no unnecessary data which interferes with the necessary data. Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin can help you do that.

Also, ensure that you are using at least one cache plugin on your blog. I would suggest using WP Rocket plugin.

Also get rid of all the unused Plugins or all such Plugins that you don’t need.

There are a lot of things involved in making any WordPress website faster and I have mentioned a few.

If I have missed out on certain things that needs a mention, then mention those in the comments section.

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