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There are many tips and tricks one can use while operating an iPhone. Tips and Tricks are nothing but an easy way to do things on an iPhone, may it be taking a screenshot or increasing the battery life etc.

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Tips And Tricks
Taking A Screenshot And Sharing It

Anyone who uses and iPhone would probably know how to take a screenshot (If you’re new, hold down the Power and Volume Down button to take a screenshot). One of the most common reasons to take a screenshot is to share it with someone. After taking a screenshot, you tap on it and then tap the share sheet icon to share it or save it and then go into the photos app and share it.But you can just tap and hold the little preview image at the bottom to open the share sheet.

Accurate time schedule

This tip comes in handy if you would like to set the schedule to the exact time. Usually, the timer in the app only has the option to go with every 5 seconds. But, tapping the timer twice (5, 10, 15-sec wheel) will switch the option to 1 sec from 5 sec. Double tapping again will bring it back to the 5-second wheel. This tip will be very useful if you want to set your schedule to the approximate time.

Finding Similar Songs On Apple Music

Most of the people would probably know this tip. Finding similar songs in apple music is as simple as Spottily. You can just 3D touch a song and tap create a station. This will create a station with a number of songs that are similar to the one you have 3D touched.

Making Speakers Louder

This simple tweak will make the speakers sound louder than before.

Tap settings →  Music → EQ and then find and tap “late night”.

This EQ setting will make the speakers louder. This is a simple tip to make the speakers louder without harming it.

Quickly Sending The Current Location In iMessage

Sharing a location is very important from day to day life for most of the users. You can just simply share your location by typing “I’m at” and it will automatically shows  “Current location” tab in the dictionary section. Tapping the current location will instantly share your location with your friend. This is at present a quick way to share your location.

Folder Notification

If a folder contains a lot of apps and notifications, this tip comes in handy. You don’t actually want to tap the folder and swipe left or right to see the notification of each app. You can just 3D touch the folder and it will list the app with notifications badges. This comes in handy for the people who use a lot of folders.

Shake to Undo Typing

If you’re typing a note, a text message, or some other text and decide you want to erase what you’ve just written, you don’t need to use the delete button on the keyboard. If you have this hack enabled, all you need to do is shake your iPhone to delete your writing. Whenever you’ve just typed something you want to get rid of, shake your phone and tap Undo in the pop-up window.

Charging Battery Faster

To charge your iPhone’s battery as quickly as possible, put it in the Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode turns off many features of the phone, including Cellular and Wi-Fi network, so the battery is not used by background applications and it charges faster. Just remember to turn Airplane Mode Off when you’re done charging. To use Airplane Mode: Open Control Center (swipe down from the top right on iPhone X and up, or up from the bottom on other models) and tap the airplane icon.

Add A Virtual Home Button To The Screen

If you have an iPhone X or newer, you might miss the old hardware Home button. Even if you have another model, you might want the options and functionality of adding a virtual Home button to your screen. This is a great hack because it provides fast access to features that otherwise require gestures or multiple taps. To enable this virtual Home button:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap General (skip this step on iOS 13 and up).
  3. Tap Accessibility.
  4. Tap Touch (only do this on iOS 13 and up).
  5. Tap AssistiveTouch.
  6. Move the slider to On/green.

For more details about how to configure and use this button, read the article linked to in the headline of this section.

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