9 Reasons Your Page Won’t Get Indexed Or Ranked Even When Optimized

If your website, page or an article is fully optimized but still isn’t getting indexed or ranked, then there is a reason behind that.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss 9 possible reasons as to why your website/article/post/page is not getting indexed or ranked, even after optimizing it.

At the outset, let me give you a generalized idea of what the problem might be. The problem might be due to four reasons given below,

  • Content Problems
  • Technical Problems
  • Website Linking Problems
  • Indexing And Crawling Problems

We will discuss these four generalized problems in detail, by splitting them into a specific format.

Why Your Page Not Getting Ranked Even When Optimized?

Below are the 9 reasons for your page not getting indexed or ranked even after is perfectly optimized.

Your Website Or Page Is Too New

When your website is absolutely new, you will notice that the website is not indexed by Google Search.

This is a very common thing & you don’t need to worry about it. It takes some time. In some cases, it can take even days or weeks for Google to index & rank a website, so don’t panic.

Keep doing the right stuff & soon your website will get indexed.

Your Website Or Page Is Not On Google

This is one of the most common reasons for your website or page not getting indexed or ranked.

In case you don’t know if your website or page is present on google, you can check it by typing site:www.YourDomainName.com.

For example, I can type site:www.conveyarena.com, I will get all the pages that are indexed on Google Search.

If you type in the entire URL of a specific article or post, you will see one search result.

For example, if I put in an entire URL of my article in Google Search & hit enter , say “https://www.conveyarena.com/5-best-wordpress-instagram-plugins/” then google will show me one result if the article is indexed properly.

If there are no results then you can draw the conclusion that Google has not indexed your article.

Your Content Is noindexed

This is another common reason for Google to not rank your website or page.

This happens because it has inadvertently been noindexed.

Adding a noindex meta robots tags to a website or a page tells Googlebot that it is allowed to crawl the website or page but that the results should not be considered for indexing.

You can check, if a particular page is noindexed.

Simply open the page and view the source code. Somewhere in the head section of the page, you should find a line <meta name=”robots content=”noindex”>

The above line tells the google search engine crawlers that the content of the page should not be indexed.

Your Website Does Not Have Proper Internal Linking

This is one of the most important reasons for your website or a particular page to not get indexed.

When I started my website, I have faced this issue of pages not getting index because of no internal linking.

Your website needs to have a proper internal linking structure, otherwise, many of your pages might not get indexed by the search engine.

As we know, search engine crawls through the pages of a website. Now for some reason, if a particular page is not crawled it can still be recognized by the search engine through internal linking.

In this manner, the page which was not crawled by google also gets indexed with the help of internal linking of your website.

So, make sure that your website is properly linked internally as it is a very crucial part of SEO.

Your Website Has Got Technical Issues

Your website or page needs to meet certain technical benchmarks for get indexed & ranked on Google Search.

The benchmarks can be categorized into the following points:

  • Loading speed of your website – Normally, you should keep the loading speed of your website under 2ms.
  • SEO of your website – Your website should should have proper on-page & off-page SEO.
  • Security – Your website should have spam protection & SSL certificate installed.

If your article is not showing up on Google then there is a possibility that the technical issues of your website are preventing it from getting indexed & appearing in the search results.

You Are Penalized By Google For Breaking Rules

Even though this reason might seem farfetched but Google does penalize websites.

So, what are the reasons for Google to penalize your website?

The basic reason behind your website getting penalized is because you are using shady tactics or techniques to gain ranking on the search engine.

If Google catches you using shady techniques that are prohibited to use then your website can get penalized.

Even if your content is awesome, SEO is up to the mark, everything else is also perfect, if you’re doing something that Google doesn’t allow then you’re going to have problems getting indexed or ranked. You might not even appear in the Google search results at all.

So the bottom line is that don’t try anything shady!

Your Website Or Page Is Blocking Google With Robots.txt File

This is a not so common reason for your website or a page not getting indexed but still it a relevant one.

In some cases, Google does not index your website, because you yourself told Google not to crawl your website at all!

Blocking crawlers in robots.txt file is a sure way to never get any traffic.

You Website Does Not Have Enough Backlinks

Backlinks from other websites with good Domain Authority (DA) can surely increase the value of your own website.

If say for example, someone likes & refers to your article from his or her website which has a DA of 50, then google recognizes this as a recommendation from a highly ranked website & in-turn gives you a token of credibility to rank higher.

So, reach out to your fellow bloggers, ask them to refer to your articles or write articles for them. This will definitely increase the traffic of your website, get all the pages indexed & rank your website higher.

Your Content Is Great But there Is Better Content Available

Content is competition and competition might be ruling you out. One of the biggest reasons your website or page is not ranking is because someone is delivering better content out there. Your competition is getting more clicks and engagement and Google is showering all the love on that content.

In today’s times, there are literary thousands of website & blogs. And, every website is churning out article like never before.

There is a fierce competition going on.

If you decide to write an article on SEO, there will be thousands of them already available on the internet.

Your content might be great but there is a chance that your will find even better content online.

To counter this problem, re-invent your content & make it more appealing.

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There might be “n” number of reason for your website or a page to not get indexed but I have noted down a few important reasons out of them.

If you correct these problems then there is no reason for your website or pages to not get indexed or ranked.

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