Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools & WordPress Plugins

Plagiarism is nothing but taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

But there is no need to worry as there are a lot of Plagiarism Checker Tools & WordPress Plugins available in the market to deal with this.

In today’s article we will have a look at the “Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools & WordPress Plugins”.

Website development platforms are selected according to a requirement set.

WordPress is among the modern-day website development technologies. The best thing about WordPress is that, it allows users to add various features in the form of plugins. This is a lot easier than perform development from the start and adding a technological option.

People usually face plagiarism related problems when they fail to adopt prevention techniques. Not using a good plagiarism checker tool or a plugin is something that would harm you as a content writer.

For instance, if your website publishes copied content, what would your readers think about it?

To start with, they will stop trusting you and what you have to offer.

Using a good plagiarism checker tool or plugin is a problem solver for website owners. If you have a reliable one embedded with your website, be sure that the content offered to the users will be cent percent original.

Here are the top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools & WordPress Plugins you can consider.

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Plagiarism Checker Detecting Duplicate Content

Plagiarism Checker Tools & WordPress Plugins



Accessing a complex plagiarism checker tool means you have to do some ground work.

Before the content is checked, it would be required to learn things. In terms of time optimization, this does not work well. If you have less time on your hands to produce content, there won’t be any time available for learning.

This plagiarism checker tool is very simple to use and the requirement to learn things does not exist.

By using a simple procedure, the content will be scanned resulting in the copied areas being highlighted. The next step is looking at each one of them and making corrections.



This tool is used by content writers as well as students. Professional writers use them for blogs, articles, product reviews and other forms of submission.

Writers have limited time on their hands to deliver content irrespective of what they are working on. If you want plagiarism checking to be quick and effective, this is one tool you should not ignore.

It is a free tool that that runs through the available content and indicates copied sections. If you have not paraphrased the content properly, there would be copied areas in it. This tool will show areas that are copied.

Plagiarism Check

Another plagiarism tool that produces quality results is by There are several user categories that prefer it.

A lot of bloggers use this alternative. They have to scan the written content and publish it in the shortest possible time span.

At times, multiple posts have to be published in one day. It is obvious that this cannot be done without performing the plagiarism check properly.

This tool automatically reads through the uploaded content and shows parts that require rewriting.


Prepost SEO
Prepost SEO

This is available in form of an online tool as well as WordPress plugin.

The main reason to embed a plagiarism checker plugin is accuracy. When it comes to copied content, a single line is as bad as completely plagiarized information. Hence, to avoid the situation, choose an option that is worth counting on.

The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker Plugin is one of the finest alternatives that work in the best way.

Once the tool shows that your content is original, take it as a conclusive statement. This plugin does not make any kind of mistakes.

It is free of all efficiency problems and you can rely on it. If your plagiarism checker has a problem, it means you would have to double check things.

Instead of going through all this trouble, the content can be made available to the readers, if no part is highlighted by this plugin.

The Prepostseo Plugin has zero cost attached with it.

With some free checking tools, users do face issues when they have to upgrade by making payments after a pre-defined span.

This problem does not exist with this option to check copied content. It is 100% free and users are not charged for anything.

No one likes to go through overly technical features. This plagiarism checking alternative is picked by a lot of people because of its simplicity. It can easily be adapted by anyone. Complex plugins are hard to operate for people with restricted technical expertise.

Plagiarism checkers are used a lot by professional writers and they are not technological experts. Hence, the Prepostseo plagiarism checker plugin works well for them.



Just as Prepost SEO, this is also available in form of an online tool as well as WordPress plugin.

There is always a tight time span for checking copied content. For instance, if you have one week to produce a set of 3 blogs, only a small percentage of that time can be spent on checking copied material.

This plagiarism checker plugin is quick because of the strong development procedures used to create it. As a result, you can get done with the scanning process in a very short span.

If you have a small-time frame to detect and remove plagiarism, this plugin is a high recommendation option for you.

Summing It Up

Not using a plagiarism checker tool or a plugin is obviously a big risk to take.

If you produce content that has been copied from an online source, your website will be removed from the search engine list.

This means that the traffic rate will be zero and the number of clicks would go down.

Using a plagiarism tool or a plugin is much easier than installing a standalone application and spending money on it.

If you have a website built using WordPress then simply choose a good plugin and there is nothing else you have to do. A lot of plugins seem effective but do not check the content properly.

Hence, problems are faced when the content goes live and the writer does not know that it is copied. The key is being selective about what you choose.

Instead of comparing several options and spending time unnecessarily, an easier option is picking one of the top rated 5 plugins listed above. They are used by several users including highly experienced writers.

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