How To Remove The Website URL Field From Your WordPress Comment Form?

A WordPress website has a comment form where the audience can go & fill in their comments, name, email & website url.

But, not every person has a website & so they would prefer to not fill this website url field.

In this article we will learn, how to remove this website url text field completely.

By doing this, the audience is not forced to fill this particular field in the comment form.

How To Remove Website URL Text Field From Comment Form

There are two ways of removing this field.

You can either do this with the help of a plugin or by inserting a code in your functions.php file.

Removing Website URL From The Comment Form With A Plugin

For removing the website url field, we are going to use Remove Web Field From Comments Form plugin.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard => Plugins => Add New => search for “Remove Web Field From Comments Form“.

Once you have found the plugin, install & activate it.

If you don’t know how to install a plugin then check out our post on, How To Install A WordPress Plugin.

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After you have activated the plugin, you will get an extra field at the end of your Settings => General tab

Simply check the CheckBox to disable the website url field from the comment form.

Now to check if the plugin has worked, go to any post or page that you have on your website.

You will realize that the Website URL field has been disabled. Take a look at the picture below,

Removing Website URL From The Comment Form With Coding

Another simple method is to add a small code to your WordPress website’s functions.php file.

Go to you Appearance => Theme Editor & click on functions.php file.

Add the following code to the file,

add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'unset_url_field');
function unset_url_field($fields)
       return $fields;

After you have added the code don’t forget to click on Update File.

Now check if the function has worked as per your specifications.

Simply open any post or page & scroll down to the comments form.

You will realize that the Website Url text field is no longer available.

Website Field Not Available


There are various plugins to remove the Website Url text field from your WordPress website’s comments section.

But the most easiest & simplest plugin is Remove Web Field From Comments Form.

Also for someone who has a bit of a coding knowledge, they can directly use the code to remove the Website Url field, but before making any changes to the functions.php file take a back up of your website & database.

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