How To Set Affiliate Commission Rates For Your Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your product and services.

Statistics show around 81% of the brands utilized affiliated marketing for advertising and selling their product and services.

It is effective, you only have to pay for successful campaigns, not for the failures.

Want to know how to set affiliate commission rates for your Affiliate Program?

Want to calculate what affiliate commission rate you would apply for your product and services?

You can use a calculator from, to determine the affiliate commission according to your decided percentage.

Nobody is going to market your product and services if your rate is too low compared to the market.

You can’t afford too much higher rate, as it can cost you.

Also, you need a perfect plan to choose an affiliated marketing rate to manage a healthy presence in the market.

You need to pay a minimal commission, so it can’t cause an extra financial burden on you. 

In this article, we are discussing various methods to calculator the affiliate market rate.

Determine Your Production Cost

It is critical for deciding your affiliate marketing rate, you have to determine your actual production cost.

Most of the manufacturers usually miss one or two heads of their production cost.

Hence their balance sheet would not show the desired profit margin.

You need to surface all the accounting heads like purchasing cost, inventory Cost, labor cost & Electricity, taxes etc.

You can use an online to exactly find out your financial burden on your company. 

The difference between the selling cost and the product cost would highlight your profit margin.

Now you need to decide, how much is feasible for you to pay to your affiliate.

And also see to it that the program doesn’t produce an extra burden on your financial statement.

Try to decide on an affiliate rate, which is feasible for you to pay.

It should be minimal, not too high or too low.

As too low a rate may disappoint your affiliate marketer & too high would cause an extra burden on you.

Monitor Your Competitor’s Affiliate Rate

Monitor the affiliate marketing rate, what is your competitor offering in the marketplace?

Come with a better offer for the affiliate marketer!

This can be great for your marketing efforts and market image!

So offer a little higher than your competitor, the main issue here, How can you learn the competitor’s rate?

The easy way is that you just join their affiliate marketing programs, for example, like ShareASale & Amazon.

This would be greatly helpful in finding your own rate.

Try to hide your real identity, scan the advertising strategies of your competitor.

You can improve your own marketing efforts and take a deep look at the standard rate of commission of your competitor. How are they promoting the first sale?

What are their performance tiers?

You can use the same performance criteria and add 1 to 2 % of the commission by using a calculator from to know your own production cost and the affiliate commission rate. Scanning the competitor’s commission strategies would provide you a clear picture, what is going on in the market and what you need to promote your own affiliate market program.

Determine The Customer’s Lifetime Value 

It is important to know the customer’s lifetime value(CLV).

The CLV can be critical for your decision, how much you are going to give to your affiliate marketer.

If you are selling a product or service, if your affiliate marketer is communicating well, he can purchase a product or service again. So you need to determine the CLV of your product or service.

The affiliate marketers selling your product and services afghan and again to the same customer, you can pay extra commission to such affiliate marketers.

Use online calculators from, to pay an extra bonus to your marketers, reselling your product and services during the CLV of a customer. 

This would be great for maintaining your loyal market and managing your talented affiliate marketers.

Sometimes, it makes a lot of sense to pay extra benefits to your affiliate marketer, or you can sell your products at a lower rate when the customer is purchasing the product for the first time.

It all depends, how you want to manage your market during the CLV of the customer along with your affiliate program.

You can induce the frequency of purchase by offering bonuses to booth the customer and the affiliate marketing personals.

Decide Your Affiliate Commission

Now you have gathered all the data regarding the customer, and about the CLV of your products.

You are now also familiar with the competitors’ standards commission rate, use a calculator from and apply a commission rate according to the current market rate.

You can add extra incentives for the affiliate marketers and for the customers, to attract them. 

When you are willing to give extra concessions to customers, it can boost the CLV of your product and service.

Paying bonuses to your affiliate marketer would also boost your sales and revenues during peak season.

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