Top 10 Android Games (2020)

In today’s world almost everyone has a smartphone, majority of which are android devices. If you are stuck at work or waiting for someone and there is nothing but time on your hands and you start getting bored, the best option would be to watch movies or play games on your smartphone. In today’s article we are going to discuss top 5 free and top 5 paid android games to download and play. I will also discuss 5 games which I personally like playing.

Top 5 Android Games (Free)

Below is a list of top 5 free android games

Ludo King

Ludo King

Ludo King is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids. This royal game of kings is the best time killer. Recall your childhood, this must have been your most favorite game. Ludo King is a cross platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform at same time. This game also support offline mode, where player can play with Computer or, Local multiplayer (play and pass mode).

Ludo King is a perfect game to pass your time. You must have played Ludo in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet.

Features of Ludo King:
– No internet connection required! Play against the computer.
– Play with your family and friends through Local and Online Multiplayer.
– Play 2 to 6 Player Local Multiplayer Mode.
– Play Online Multiplayer Mode through 9 competing game rooms.
– Invite and challenge your Facebook Friends in a private game room and beat them to become Ludo King.
– Play with world players and make them your buddies.
– Private chat with your Facebook friends & Buddies.
– Express yourself by sending emojis to your opponents.
– Play Snake and Ladders on 7 different game board variations.
– Simple rules which can be followed by players of all ages.
– Graphics with a classic look and the feel of a royal game.

Some new features are also added:
– Real chat with friends and buddies
– Auto move system (No cheating allowed now!)
– Resume game (Got a call? No worries!)
– Make buddies worldwide
– Challenge Facebook friends/buddies
– Improved online connectivity
– Save/Load Ludo game option
– Player statistics with XP and level up system
– More user-friendly UI
– Support extended to low end devices
– Bug fixes & improvements

PUBG Mobile Lite


Built with Unreal Engine 4, this version of PUBG Mobile is smaller in size, requires less RAM and so is compatible with more mid-range devices but without compromising the amazing experience that attracted millions of fans around the world. PUBG Mobile Lite features fast-paced matches and a smaller map made for 60 players, providing a more exhilarating combat experience in the traditional PUBG Mobile setting. When duty calls, fire away freely on the battlefield for survival.

However this game is banned in some parts of the world, so please check before downloading. Convey Arena won’t be responsible for your decision to download or play it.

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Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game. It is a 10-minute game, which places you on a remote island, where you are against 49 other players, all trying to survive.

The players can freely choose their starting point with their parachute and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. They can also drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches or become invisible by proning under grass. Attack, survive, there is only one objective i.e. to survive and answer the call of duty.

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Bottle Shooting Game

Bottle Shooting Game

Bottle Shooting Game is the ultimate shooting game. A fun and addictive game which will provide you with happiness. Knock down colorful bottles. In order to break them, your skill would be tested in different levels.

Game has 3 beautiful worlds Forest, Dessert & Snow with different weather themes.

– Simple & fun to play
– Offline Mode: Play anywhere anytime! You don’t need an internet connection.
-Suitable for all ages
-Colorful design & cool sound effects
-Knock the bottles down to break them
-60 challenging levels

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

A classic and most addictive bubble pop game and completely free. Match 3 colors and clear levels. Don’t miss out on this fun and relaxing game. All you need to do is to aim, shoot, drop & burst all the bubbles. Train yourself as you play. This game can be played online and offline as well.

Top 5 Android Games (Paid)

Below is a list of top 5 paid android games

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Downhill mountain bike racing like never before. Race down beautiful trails, smashing over rocks and roots, boosting huge jumps, scoring insane trick combos, unlocking better bikes and gear for bragging rights as the King of the Mountain. The game is available for 10 rupees.

Compete in timed races or freestyle trick events on 19 different mountains and over 100 trails inspired by real world locations. Unlock over 80 items of gear to add style your rider and tune your bike for speed, agility, strength, and energy for each trail. Experience realistic physics and plush bike suspension as your bike eats up the rough stuff and softens the landings of big jumps and drops. High speeds and big jumps means huge crashes where your rider will rag doll tumble down the trail. Use your finger to pick up you rider throw him even further.


– 100+ Beautiful mountain trails for all styles of riding
– 80+ Gear items for your rider and MTB bike
– Frame and wheel upgrades that impact game play
– Epic bike crashes, fun rag doll physics and active bike suspension
– Tricks, bunny hops and flips!
– Addictive game play
– Powerful online leader boards


– If you use check points, you will get a maximum of one star. Stay on your bike to achieve 3 stars!
– Lean to add flips into your trick combo.
– Wheelie into and out of a jump to add to your trick combo.
– Hold down the pump/hop button when entering a downhill section to get a boost in speed.
– Wheelies do not drain your energy
– The timer doesn’t start until you start to pedal the bike or brake!
– Use your finger to grab the rider and toss him around the map when you’re on or off the bike.
– Make sure you pick the right frame and wheel combination to get the best score for each trail.
-Use boosters to help you through a difficult trail or to get the top position on the leaderboard.

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper ( also known as “Sniper”) is a mobile game published and developed by Square Enix Montreal, and is their second Hitman mobile game after Hitman GO.

Sniper was originally released on the iOS App Store on October 2nd, 2014. If you enjoy this type of genre then you will enjoy this game. This game is available for 30 rupees.



The world of Erden is plagued by an ancient curse (the Pandemonium), a shroud of evil that descends once every 100 years. Only the fabled Crest bearers can cease its destruction but all have failed to stop it from returning to wreak havoc once again.

Join two young heroes and the allies they befriend along the way and embark on a perilous quest to uncover the secret to ending this age-old curse once and for all. This game is available for 10 rupees.

Real Steal

Real Steel

Based on the movie starring Hugh Jackman, the gritty action of Real Steel takes place in a secret world where boxing has gone high-tech in the not-so-distant future. Players lead their robot to greatness, fighting off steel opponents weighing over 2,000 pounds and reaching up to 8 feet tall.

Real Steel features rich game play and high replay value including new tournament and survival modes. This game is available for 10 rupees.



Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.

Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10. This game is available for 479.56 rupees.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, I will disclose 5 android games that I personally like playing. The list goes like this,

My Personal Favorites

  1. Sonic Dash
  2. Subway Surfer
  3. Ludo King
  4. Temple Run
  5. Hill Climb Racing

I will write a detailed review in another article about my experience with these 5 android games.

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