Which Web Hosting Should A First Time Bloggers Choose?

If you’re a first timer in the field of blogging & you’re really confused about which web hosting to choose from, you have come to right place for the answer.

In today’s article we will briefly discuss about which web hosting should a first time blogger start with.

I will take 3 Web Hosting companies into account for this article, as they mainly differ in their characteristic & the features that they offer.

These 3 companies are SiteGround, Bluehost & Namecheap.

Which Hosting Should You Choose?

Now, when a first time blogger is starting a blog he or she might face a few scenarios like the need for cost effective hosting, need for reliable hosting or a need for speedy hosting.

We will discuss all these scenarios in detail,

Need For Cost Effective Hosting

How many times does it happen, that you want to start something new but you don’t have enough funds for it…!

First time bloggers are also not oblivious to this kind of situation. I have myself gone through this.

So, when you have lack of funds, which is the best web hosting provider for you out of the 3 given above?

The answer is Namecheap.

As the name suggests Namecheap is one of the cheapest Shared Web Hosting Providers out there.

Having said that, by no means does it lacks in quality.

Namecheap is as good as any other hosting provider.

For a shared web hosting, it will cost you just $1.18 per month i.e. 59% discount, with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You will also get a free domain name, 20GB SSD space, unmetered bandwidth, free website builder, privacy protection, free automatic SSL installation, free Supersonic CDN with the plan.

Check out the features, plans & pricing for Namecheap in detail.

For a first time blogger these things are more than enough, for the 1st year of his or her blogging career.

So if you think that Namecheap shared web hosting is what you are looking for then get it by clicking the button below.

Need For Reliable Hosting

Many first time blogger look for reliability while hosting their blog.

If you are one of them, then you should definitely go for Bluehost.

Bluehost is one of the most reliable shared web hosting provider in the market.

Bluehost was founded in 2003 & is growing ever since. Over a period of 17 years it has hosted more than a million websites.

Bluehost is considered one of the biggest players to capture the web hosting market of the world.

They have various plans but the best plan for first time blogger is Basic Plan which will cost around $2.95 per month for 12 Month, 24 Month & 36 Month term. In this plan, you will get to host 1 website with 50 GB SSD allotted space.

Along with this plan a lot of freebies are given by Bluehost such as website builder, Custom Themes, 24/7 Customer Support, WordPress Integration, Drag and Drop Functionality, AI-Driven Templates, Free Domain, Free SSL Certificate & Free CDN.

Check out the features, plans & pricing of Bluehost in detail.

For a first time blogger these thing offered by Bluehost with give him or her the reliability one is searching for, so get the shared web hosting plan with 70% discount by clicking the button below.

Need For Speedy Hosting

For some first time bloggers, speed is a non-compromising issue.

For these bloggers the best shared hosting provider is SiteGround.

When it comes to sheer speed SiteGround has no competition.

Speed is the most important factors when it comes to websites. People who are searching for stuff online are always in a hurry.

If the website they are looking for does not load in 2 milliseconds – 3 milliseconds, there is a 70% chance that they will go to another website.

And, for first time bloggers this will be detrimental as they would miss a chance to get noticed by the audience.

SiteGround has introduced a StartUp Plan for the first time bloggers which will cost around $4.99 per month i.e. at 66% discount.

You can host 1 Website in 20 GB SSD space with unmetered traffic & the plan comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

There are many freebies available too, such as, free SSL, free CDN, free Email, out of box caching, unlimited databases.

Check out all the other features, plans & pricing of SiteGround in detail.

If you are crazy about speed, go for SiteGround that too with a 66% discount by clicking the button below,


As a first time blogger, you have to decide what you want the most cost effectiveness, reliability or speed.

There is market available for all types of demands with respect to cost effectiveness, reliability & speed.

You can take full advantage of the market to start your blogging journey into awesomeness.

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