Why Visual Content Is So Essential for SEO

The days are gone when individuals flip back and forth within pages to learn specifically about a product or service.

Now, you can see that visual content has become more mainstream, simply making all the difference in your content marketing strategy.

However, written content can assist you to insert target keywords and practice some general SEO efforts, while visual content provides you an extra boost.

Explore some best reasons why you people have to care about visual content for SEO practices.

Improve Readability And Interest

Visual content is something that always looks more appealing and handier for the eyes as compared to heavy text or bulky paragraphs.

Visual content includes Photos, Typography, Charts, Graphs, Images, Colors, Symbols & Videos.

As far as images are concerned, you should use quality PNG image files and neglect JPG due to quality loss.

To get the lossless image quality, you need to post a PNG image rather than a regular JPG file, if there’s already JPG, and then turn JPG into PNG with the help of a free JPG to PNG converter online.

You can also use high quality & resolution videos.

Graphs & Charts can provide a graphical user interface for you data.

If posting PNG files is essential for your site, then use an online JPG to PNG converter that is designed to save JPG as PNG without distorting the quality.

Experts revealed that visuals are something that can increase the audience’s desire to read by 80%.

Also, it is the best way to break up heavy chunks of text and even long paragraphs, even making the content much more visually appealing and easier to read and retain.

Remember that today’s audience doesn’t have time and energy to read written content thoroughly. It even makes them quit your site page swiftly.

As an outcome, it entirely increases the bounce rate, which highly harms your SEO practice.

Higher Rank On SERPs

A recent study found that visuals can bring your website to the top pages of the search results.

Make a practice to use PNG format when it comes to using an image on site as it is ideal for graphic files.

If JPG image to PNG conversion is your concern, a free JPG to PNG converter helps to convert JPG to PNG.

Experts revealed that around 91% of internet audiences prefer to consume visual content over written content.

Even, it does not matter at all how many times search engines updated their algorithms, quality content is the thing that effectively attracts users’ attention remains the name of the game.

Google indeed can’t notice visual content and even rank them directly.

But, due to improved machine learning, Google swiftly learns visual content by matching them with one another and even linking them all together.

Recently reports reveal that a blog post, packed with video is 53 times more likely to generate a first-page Google ranking than another web content

Make Visitor Spend On Sites Longer

Visuals are the best way that grabs audiences’ attention quickly and even hold it.

Yes, content including infographics or marketing videos assists the audiences or visitors to spend more time on your sites.

Remember that image file type is also does matter to attract more audience, PNG is suitable for different types of digital images, while JPG doesn’t.

Visual content is the best way to provide the audiences with snackable, easy to digest information.

With this, they are highly convinced to explore more about it on your site.

Thus, it is referred to as a splendid way to reduce bounce rate and even improve dwell time.

Even it allows your site to come with more authority and relevant content that entirely leads to rankings boost.

Diversifying Content

Yes, using visuals can assist you to balance out text-based content and even provide your website with more diversity.

However, there are innumerable types of visuals, you can easily account for and utilize each of them.

Ideally using PNG is best because it does not lose the detail as well as quality after image compression.

You could explore theonlineconverter.com that contains JPG to PNG converter and even lets you perform image conversions with different image converters.

No doubt that consistently producing stunning visuals for SEO might seem like a lot of work.

Experts depicted that around 43% of marketers claim that they’re most likely to struggle to produce visual content for SEO constantly.

  • To overcome this, you ought to simply repurpose your content into another format. And, whenever you require to convert JPG to PNG image format, make use of the JPG to PNG converter online
  • Remember that some of your audiences like to watch video content, and others are fans of infographics. You ought to create more diverse visual content for SEO as it allows your audiences to consume the content within the way they like


No doubt creating successful visual content for SEO is not as simple as pasting some images into some website.

Thankfully, there are innumerable affordable and easy-to-use tools through which you can easily craft original visual content for SEO.

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