Your IP Address Has Changed CPanel Error

I have been facing this problem i.e. Your IP Address Has Changed, Please Log In Again – CPanel Error, for quite some time now. Whenever I try to log in to my CPanel, I am getting this error , so I decided to do bit of a research and found 4 possible ways to bypass this problem.

What Causes CPanel Login Error?

The root cause of the this error is dynamic IP Address. When you don’t have a static IP Address configured and your IP Address keep on changing with time this problem occurs.

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Solution For CPanel Login Error

Let’s take a look at a few solution to deal with this problem.

Solution 1 : Use a VPN to Log In to CPanel.

  • Open your website URL in any browser. The URL will look something like “
  • Start VPN. I am using Mozilla Firefox browser and Touch VPN. If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, then download and install a Touch VPN extension for firefox browser. If you are using Google Chrome browser, then download and install Touch VPN for chrome browser.
  • Fill in the Username and the Password and click the Log In button, your login in to CPanel will be successful.

Remember one thing though, if you are using a VPN you will also be sharing your Log In details with the company who owns the VPN. So decide carefully, which option you would like to use.

Solution 2 : Use a sub-domain of CPanel

  • By default you will have a sub-domain CPanel to your website. Open your website URL with the sub-domain in any browser. The URL link will look something like ““.
  • Fill in your Username and the Password
  • Click on the Log In button.

Solution 3 : Use a WHM account to Log In

WHM also known as Web Host Manager is a web based administrative console for CPanel based internet web hosting servers.

  • You can access your WHM account but using the following link ““. This link will take you to a port 2087.
  • Fill in the Username and Password
  • Log In to the WHM account
  • Click on “Main” -> “Server Configuration” -> “Tweak Settings” -> “Security Tab
  • Search for “Cookie IP Validation” and change its setting to “Loose
  • Clear your browser cache and Log In to CPanel using the link “

Please note, this solution is only for those people who have a reseller hosting or dedicated server hosting. Solution 3 does not apply to people with shared hosting account.

Solution 4 : Ask Your ISP For A Static IP Address

  • Contact your service provider and ask them to give you a static IP Address. This will solve the issue permanently.
  • If it is not possible for you to get a static IP Address, then you can also think of changing your service provider, if you want a permanent solution to this problem.

Solution 5 : Format Your Computer/Laptop And Install Operating System Again

  • This CPanel Login Error can occur if your operating system has been compromised or corrupted
  • Format your computer or laptop and install a fresh copy of operating system.
  • Open your website URL in any browser. The URL will look something like ““.
  • Fill in the Username and the Password and click the Log In button, Your will be able to log in to CPanel successfully.

I have solved the problem of CPanel Login Error permanently, by using Solution 5, which is my personal favorite too. You can choose any solution you want, but if you want a permanent solution to the CPanel Login Error problem, then Solution 4 and Solution 5 are the best options.

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